Rickshaw Tour


RickshawWhen you are in Delhi it is all about exploring, walking can be one of the methods, but the best suitable method is travelling by a Rikshaw. It can be an adventurous ride and imagine riding a rickshaw in jam packed streets of Delhi with people walking around you, bikers overtaking you and you are making your way slowly and gradually through a small channel. Rickshaw waala pedaling to his fullest energy and taking you through the one of the most crowded streets of Asia. Exploring Delhi on three wheels is one of the most amazing experiences ever. Mostly your ride would be smooth, but the potholes on the road would make it a roller coaster ride. You would feel like a king on most of the streets, but potholes would make your ride more adventurous. Tours may vary from one ride to another, some can be smooth while others can be a bit hectic. But some of you just want you to take a ride in a rickshaw and then enjoy the view. So explore with us the city of adventures and hustling bustling markets in a rickshaw.

During your rickshaw ride you will get to ride around:


CHANDNI CHOWK: Also known as the Silver Square is the most famous street of Delhi. People often get confused by the word old. Old Delhi has the mix of ancient heritage as well as the modern crowd too. The energy of vibrant streets of Chandni Chowk is simply irresistible. The amazing streets and the vibrant bazaars are simply incomparable.

JAMA MASJID: Jama Masjid is one of the beautiful architectural magic of Shah Jahan. Its construction began in 1650 and was completed within six years. When you are visiting Red fort then you must visit this place. It is a traveler’s delight and you can relive the Mughal history of Delhi.

RED FORT: It was built by the Shah Jahan in 1638. Buildings it encloses are Diwani-am, Diwani-Khas, Rang Mahal, The Pearl Mosque etc. Red fort is the epicenter of all the important monuments in old Delhi. It is built up of Red Sandstone and gives us an amazing view of Delhi from the building.

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