Iskcon Temple Delhi Tour

Iskcon Temple Delhi Tour

It is located in East Of Kailash and it is a beautiful place. Iscon temple is also added as a siteseeing in a tour activity in delhi.

The ambience of place is nice and it should be your first priority to attend the evening aarti, it is very peaceful. It is the temple of Lord Krishna and the atmosphere is very colourful and inspiring. In this Iskcon Temple Delhi Tour you will just absorb yourself in beautiful darshan of Radha Krishna and hear melodious Hare Krishna Chant.

Most beautiful thing about this place is the devotion of the followers which uplifts the atmosphere of this place. Best time to visit this place is during Janmashtami, it is the birth time of Lord Krishna. When you visit Iskcon Temple in your Delhi Tour then you would get to see devotees from different countries.

The all sing and dance and get absorbed in the Lord Krishna bhajans. The Iscon temple is very big and has different sections, it has a restaurant too. I was amazed to see the complete devotion of the members and workers towards the temple and the god. The temple is located on a small hill and the architecture and design of the temple is great. Our common friend advised us to visit this place and in the end it turned out to be a great visit.

Visit iscon temple in delhi for your tour and experience the best places which you can visit and add in your itenary of delhi tour..

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